Cruces es una inmersión visual y sonora a través de las geografías y narraciones que componen la diáspora latinoamericana hacia suelo estadounidense. Entrelazando historias, paisajes y sonidos, esta instalación se estructura a través de los elementos estructurales del tránsito, así como los obstáculos que enfrentan los inmigrantes en su periplo. Realizada entre 2019-2020, Cruces se estructura como un corto audiovisual de 24mins, doce fotografías de varios tamaños y siete texto.

    Cruces is an immersive expedition throughout the geographies and stories composing the Latin American journey to reach US soil. By weaving together oral histories and the landscape, the installation is structured to highlight the constitutive elements of transit, such as trains and rivers, and the obstacles immigrants face while moving, such as forests, deserts, and border regimes. Recorded in 2019 and early 2020, this multivocal ethnography comprises the distributed yet relational geographies of immigrants' quests and settling. Enhanced with an immersive soundtrack and an experimental narrative, this composition wants to reflect a raw exploration of these regions and testimonies amid one of our age's defining, challenging, and politicized phenomena.

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Festivales / Film Festivals (Selection)
The Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival, London, 2023.
Athens Ethnographic Film Festival (Ethnofest). Athens, Greece. 2022.
Society for Visual Anthropology Film and Media Festival. Seattle, WA, USA. 2022.
Mimesis Documentary Film Festival. Boulder, CO, USA. 2022.
Bogoshorts. Bogotá, Colombia. 2021.
Madrid Multimedia Anthropology Showcase (MAAM). Madrid, Spain. 2021
VI Mexican Anthropology and Ethnology Congress Film Festival. Tijuana, Mexico. 2020.
VI Latin American Anthropology Congress Film Festival. Montevideo, Uruguay. 2020.